4 Reasons to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in London

St Patrick’s Day is always a fun and exciting event to celebrate, wherever you are in the world. With a strong Irish community all across the globe, you’re unlikely to miss out on the St Patrick’s Day thrills, but London is definitely one of the top places to experience the special event.

Outside of Ireland, London is renowned for putting on some of the most spectacular and lively St Patrick’s Day events, so it’s not hard to see why people will often flock from all over the world to participate in it. If you’re thinking of coming to the city this Spring, then take a look at some of the best London hotel offers around and make sure you take in St Patrick’s Day while you’re here.

If you’re not fully convinced about coming to St Patrick’s Day celebrations, then read on. Here are just a few great reasons why London is the best place to experience them.

It’s a day of welcoming and partying

The special celebration of St Patrick’s Day may be a tradition with Irish origins and roots, but it’s also a wonderfully warm and welcoming moment that embraces people of all backgrounds. If you’re willing to party and have a great time, then there’s plenty of room for you with St Patrick’s Day.

As a diverse and multicultural city, you’ll discover that London has millions of people from all kinds of backgrounds, and many of them love to take part in the St Patrick’s Day activities all across the capital. Take a look at Hyde Park accommodation to find the perfect place to stay, and get involved with it yourself.

The parade is really a sight worth seeing

If you’re staying at the Hyde Park International then make sure you head down to the annual St Patrick’s Day parade in London. It takes place on a Sunday, and this year it will be held on March 15.

The parade is one of the biggest part of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the capital, although the actual saint’s day is on March 17 in 2020. It being the weekend however, it’s the perfect excuse for plenty of revelry of all kinds. Make sure you start the day with a hearty breakfast Hyde Park London, before heading down towards Trafalagar Square, where the main parade begins, before moving around parts of the city. The parade attracts thousands of visitors, including plenty of interested tourists, so be prepared for crowds.

Once there, you’ll see some great entertainment, including live music, marching bands, traditional and modern dancing, and all kinds of other entertainment drawing on Irish culture. After all that, you’ll be able to tuck into some fantastic Irish traditional food, enjoy some great drinks and of course, get your dancing shoes on for your own turn on the dancefloor.

The parade day will often go on long into the evening, so there will be ample opportunity to celebrate, even if you don’t make it at the start of the day. But being such a one of a kind event in the city, it’s worth experiencing as much of it as you can.

The festivities go on for days

St Patrick’s Day may technically only fall on one day of the year, but in London, as in many other major cities in the world, the festivities will usually go on for a lot longer. At the very least, you’ll find St Patrick’s Day events going on for the days preceding the actual holiday on March 17, which will be the weekend before it. However, a lot of Irish pubs, bars and restaurants will also often continue special events throughout the week, or even longer, giving you plenty of time to look up London hotel offers to find out the best time to come.

The parade isn’t the only way that London likes to show its love for St Patrick’s Day. Head to any of the Irish pubs in the capital for a hearty and warm welcome, where you can enjoy a customary pint of Guinness, or some excellent whiskey. Some of the top Irish pubs in central London will even import their brews over from Ireland, to make sure that you enjoy an authentic taste. Other bars and breweries may also offer special events as part of the celebrations, such as whiskey tasting sessions, or workshops that give you an insight into the history of the drink.

After all the food and drink, there will be plenty of opportunity to enjoy other aspects of Irish culture, including some of the more well known such as Irish dancing and traditional folk music. You’ll find some impressive performances on show across the city, and if you fancy giving it a try, then check out a ceilidh dance or Irish dancing class.

It’s a chance to learn more about Irish culture

London is a rich and diverse city, and the history and culture of Ireland is an important part of the capital’s complex heritage. St Patrick’s Day may be a day for festivity and raucous celebration, but it also provides a great chance to learn more about Ireland’s fascinating background.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn a little more about Ireland in London, including visiting some of the renowned historical spots in the capital that have played an important role through the years. Many of the city’s top museums will also feature an area dedicated to Irish history, and give you a chance to take a closer look at artwork and artefacts that relate to the country. The British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum are just two of the city’s most well known spots that have some highly regarded treasures from Ireland on display. Many of the country’s famous writers, actors and playwrights also continue to make their mark on the city with regular performances, such as contemporary theatre revivals of the work of the famous Irish writer, Samuel Beckett.

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