Deals from Luxury Hotels at Hyde Park

From planning the perfect weekend away, to securing a central and easily accessible place to call home during your trip to London, finding the right hotel requires a balance of value and luxury – especially if you’re considering a stay in one of the top central London hotels.

With London hotel deals and special offers aplenty, our luxury hotels around Hyde Park offer some of the finest experiences, giving you all the comfort of home while making sure you feel special, pampered, and like you’re truly indulging. In this article we will be taking a closer look at what these hotels offer and why they should be top of your list for places to stay around Hyde Park – but first, why is Hyde Park one of the top locations for luxury hotels in London?

Why you should stay near Hyde Park

The home of culture, nature, and endless paths and running routes as well as playing fields and sports pitches, Hyde Park has a bit of everything for the whole family – and that’s just within the park boundaries. Outside and around Hyde Park, visitors can enjoy the short walk up to Regents Park with ZSL London Zoo and beautifully manicured gardens, or down towards St James’ Park and Buckingham Palace, as well as the River Thames and the iconic South Bank. To the East of Hyde Park lies Oxford Street while to the West you find yourself surrounding by the traditional and charming streets of Kensington and Chelsea.

As a hot spot in London, Hyde Park offers a multitude of experiences all year round, meaning that whenever you plan your visit to London there is always something to see. And if you decide to stay right on the doorstep of Hyde Park, you can enjoy all of its amenities, facilities, and attractions at your leisure.

Best of all, because of Hyde Park’s central location, it is easy to reach, well linked to various public transport options around and within London and is home to a wide selection of hotels ranging from the high end luxury suites to more affordable deals.

So, how do you secure the very best London experience at a luxury hotel, without breaking the bank? Introducing the Hyde Park International hotel and other hotel options as part of our top London Hotel deals and special offers release.

The top London Hotel Deals and Special Offers

One of the best things about booking one of our exclusive deals is that you get to benefit from our affordable pricing without impacting the quality and luxury of your stay. From your first glimpse over the exterior build of the Hyde Park international, traditional London architecture comes to life with modern facilities and features, immediately giving you a sense of grandeur and British charm.

Inside, the experience continues as you take in the expansive and well-lit reception area, our fully-stocked bar, and the vibrant wallpaper which lets you know you are staying somewhere a little different. And with views over and across Hyde Park from some of our rooms, the way you spend your day will fast become something to look forward to every morning.

With that said, how can you optimise and maximise the value of your stay? By making the most of our exclusive special offers.

Some of our top offers at the moment include:

  •       Stay for 3 nights and get 7% off
  •       7 days Advance Purchase Saver, rewarding those who book 7 days or more in advance by giving them access to an extra 10% off
  •       14 days Advance Purchase Saver, awarding an extra 12% off to those who book 14 days or more in advance of their stay
  •       21 days Advance Purchase Saver, awarding an extra 15% off to those who book three weeks or more in advance
  •       45 days Advance Purchase Saver, awarding an extra 18% off to those who book 45 days or more in advance of their stay
  •       60 days Advance Purchase Saver, awarding an extra 20% off to those who book 60 days or more in advance of their stay
  •       Stay for two nights and get 5% off

If these special offers and deals show you anything, it’s that it has never been more important to plan your trip to London and book your luxury dream hotel in advance.

And that’s not all. As part of the Premier Club Rewards chain of hotels, we also welcome those guests who have stayed at any one of our partner hotels and who are Premier Club rewards members – enabling you to build up your loyalty and move through the membership tiers to embrace and make the most of new and improved benefits at each level.

Keep reading to find out more about how this works.

Benefits of a Premier Club Rewards overnight stay

For those who are seeking their perfect London hotel deal or special offer, look no further than the Premier Club Rewards packages. Applicable across a selection of hotels around Hyde Park and the surrounding parts of London, these hotels all support the same rewards program which boosts your membership according to how often you stay in an eligible hotel.

The Premier Club Rewards program is free to join and can provide benefits and memorable experiences to all travellers regardless of the duration of each stay and their reason for travelling. Provided you show loyalty to eligible hotels, you can benefit from our rewards – and will find that the more you stay in one of our partner hotels, the greater your rewards list becomes.

To sign up, join for free and you will immediately enter the program at the silver level. A minimum of 30 nights spent in one of our hotels over the course of a single year will render you eligible for the gold program, with 60 nights over the course of one year making you part of the platinum membership tier.

For more information, visit the Premier Club rewards website or enquire when booking your hotel stay.


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