Everything You Need to Know About London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week takes place in September every year, with this year’s falling from 13 September until 17 September – that is Friday to Tuesday. This year is a particularly special event, though, so make sure you have got your eyes peeled for London hotel offers, or get involved with London Paddington reward systems so that next year you can cash in on Fashion Week. It is special because this is the first fashion week of the “Big Four” (London, New York, Milan and Paris) that has events that are open to the general public. That means far more people will be attending this year – people who aren’t 100% comfortable with the ins and outs of what to expect.

Uuse this as a guideline and you will be ready to embrace your inner (and outer, importantly) fashionista!

Which events you can attend

Although there are events available for public consumption, this does not mean they are all open house. The events are categorised into trade and public shows – the trade being invite-only, for those within the media and fashion trade industry. The public events are mainly the catwalk shows, so you can expect to see some incredible displays of modern fashion.

Tickets come with the option to upgrade your standard ticket to one that includes a front-row seat. It is up to you to decide how important your line of vision is, but it is confirmed that the experience is completely elevated by having a front-row seat. It all depends on what you are there for because you can get a great feel for the atmosphere and buzz from further back, you just can’t see as much. Think about that before you buy your tickets.

New up and coming designers

One of the most exciting things to expect from London Fashion Week is the potential to see and engage with the work of new up and coming designers. The reason you need to know this is because ticket purchasers may end up with a catwalk show ticket for someone they have never heard of and think this is an inherently bad thing, or that the show won’t be very good. This is the place where talent sprouts from. If anything, you should be thrilled if you don’t know whose work you are about to see on the catwalk, because it means you may be part of the early phases of their future successful career.

Timing is key… for you 

It goes without saying that as with most events of this scale, being late is out of the question. Make sure you are prompt and give yourself time to take a seat without disrupting anyone. However, this is unfortunately not a tit-for-tat situation. It has been observed that the events do not always start when they are meant to, due to the nature of how many people it takes to put on one show. Most of the time, the venues are accommodating and there will be refreshments and a suitable waiting area before the show begins. At other times, you may end up standing around outside for a bit waiting for more information and for events to get going. Be patient, get a spa treatment from the luxury of your Hyde Park Hotel, and remember what you came for. There is no use getting frustrated or you will spoil the occasion for yourself.

Positive Fashion

Most ticket packages come with free tickets to Positive Fashion events, which is important for you to understand before you get involved with London Fashion Week. The British Fashion Council takes the Positive Fashion initiative very seriously – it is a critical part of ensuring that the fashion industry maintains a sound moral and social conscious in line with its trade. The British Fashion Council take pride in how they are perceived and do their best to ensure the industry not only promotes ethical fashion but plays a contributing role in the improvement.

This said, the British Fashion Council has yet to place a ban on the trade of fur, meaning that you may run into some protestors during your fashion escapades. It is important to respect, understand and acknowledge the space they are coming from, and to remember that their anger is not at you but the entire establishment. New-timers to London Fashion Week are often overwhelmed by the lengths protestors are willing to go to to make a statement, so try and not take it personally. You can rest assured knowing that the issues being raised are not being ignored and that this is exactly what the British Fashion Council exists for.

Have fun and be confident

You can get so swept up in the competitive nature of fashion events – who’s who, who’s wearing who, who’s not wearing who. It can be overwhelming but it is important to remember what you’re in it for, and that is the joy associated with fashion and the industry in general. Have fun. Wear your favourite clothes. Buy new amazing clothes. Do whatever you want, really, but don’t find yourself riddled with self-consciousness or constantly aiming higher than you can achieve. Confidence wins the day, so make sure you are happy with yourself and everyone else will emulate that positivity.

Shop outside of Fashion Week

What you need to know about Fashion Week is that the events and goings-on are not limited to official Fashion Week events. Most big fashion stores will have some sort of event going on, whether it’s a TopShop or New Look. So, head to the big shopping districts of London, like Oxford Street or Hyde Park, and enjoy all the different celebratory events happening – and of course, do a bit of retail therapy.

Fashion Week is what you make of it, so armed with these critical facts, that is just about everything you need to know in order to have a smashing time at this year’s incredible tribute to the world of modelling, designing and shopping. Now go enjoy this first-of-its-kind event!

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