Go green in London: why visitors love Hyde Park

If you’re at all like this blogger, then you must make time for a mooch around Hyde Park when you spend any time in London. Indeed, millions of visitors to the UK capital do so every year – and for a variety of reasons. Here’s just a smattering of their motives for whiling away an hour or two in Hyde Park…

 Many love it because it offers something of a paradisiacal respite from the hustle-bustle of the rest of the city. Although often full of hordes itself, especially on a warm summer’s day (fascinatingly of every demographic), it’s so enormous that you can always find a quiet, secluded spot in the shade under a tree, which is appealing to many visitors (and London locals) as it makes welcome relief this time of year from the likes of the exceedingly hot, packed-in-a-sardine-tin-like Tube.

Another big up-tick for tourists is that there’s always something going on. Come rain or shine, Hyde Park’s a happening place. In the summer months you get the British Summer Time Festival, which hosts many of the greatest UK and global music artists, while in the chillier months the perennially popular Winter Wonderland makes its home here, proving the perfect event for families with its Christmas markets, ice rink and plethora of seasonal trimmings.

Other Hyde Park reviews reveal that visitors love the fact that, because of the park’s size and never-ending expanse of greenery, you can also kid yourself you’re ‘out in the sticks’ and not in the very heart of the throbbing city – indeed, so central is it, you’re just a few minutes’ walk from the likes of the Selfridges department store on Oxford Street, its counterpart that’s Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge and a fine selection of places to stay, of course, such as the Hyde Park International hotel.

And the park’s primary appeal isn’t just the serenity offered by its colourful trees and plants, for tourists always lap up the boating options on the glorious Serpentine lake, like to pay their respects at the beautiful Diana Memorial Fountain and delight in checking out superb modern art at the Serpentine Galleries.

And then, of course, there’s the opportunity to hire a ‘Boris bike’ and pedal your way around the paths, taking in the whole of the park on two wheels while getting some great exercise. And, if you’re of a truly athletic persuasion, you can even circumnavigate the park’s six-mile perimeter on a run. In fact, this activity’s particularly fashionable among London’s famous people – so go for a jog and who knows which celeb you might spot!

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