London for Book Lovers

Whether you’re visiting London for the arts and culture or just here as a tourist, book worm or not you’ll want to check out these literary sights. With so much to see in terms of tourism in London it’s not surprising if you overlook these subtle gems. Whether your visiting with family or staying in Hyde Park accommodation for a romantic getaway, there’s plenty to take advantage of in London when it comes to literature. With so many legendary authors coming from the capital, there are many secrets to behold, whether a bookshop or a major tourist attraction.

Sherlock Homes Museum

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is located on Baker Street, as close as possible to the fictional residence of the Arthur Conan Doyle penned detective. Here you can see a recreation of Holmes house, including memorabilia and even pieces from Conan Doyle’s own personal collection of writing. A second objective is to recreate an early 20th century household, with the air of the Victorian about it, this amazing museum is one of the best investigates classic interiors with authentic sets.

Bloomsbury Square

From Virginia Woolf to T.S Elliot, this beautiful square in the heart of London, Bloomsbury is one of the best places in the city to find a classic London Square with years’ worth of history. If you’re looking for a great place to hang out like the Bloomsbury Set of the early 20th century, then this is the place. With amazing scenery and beautiful, classic London buildings around you, Bloomsbury Square is an iconic garden with a rich past.

Peter Pan Statue

The Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens is there to commemorate the alleged inspiration for Peter pan s novel source material. The author JM Barrie was apparently inspired by Kensington Gardens to write the novel and so in the beautiful green swathes of Kensington Gardens you’ll find the beautiful bronze statue, which was commissioned by Barrie himself and sculpted by George Frampton. This is a definite must for anyone staying at the Shaftesbury Hyde Park Paddington due to the proximity of the hotel to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Poets Corner

Westminster Abbey’s Poets Corner is the name given to the corner of Westminster Abbey where several very famous writers are buried. This beautiful part of the Abbey is home to the likes of Geoffrey Chaucer, Phillip Larkin and Elizabeth Gaskell. The Abbey is already gorgeous, but for the literary buffs among us, the poets corner will be the creme de la creme of artistic pilgrimages.

Daunt Books

Image Credits – Dauntbooks

This beautiful bookshop chain was created in 1912 by James Daunt and has specialise din travel books ever since. For those visiting London and perhaps going on to other European destinations, Daunt Bookshops is the perfect starting place, whilst the Marylebone Branch dates to the founding of the chain. With it’s beautiful floodlights and authentic wooden shelving, the architecture will be enough to attract even the illiterate, especially when you consider the fact that the bookshop was the first custom built one in the world.

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