Winston Churchill is possibly one of the most famous and iconic of London’s former residents. As the leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister who helped win the Second World War for the allies, Churchill has gone down in history as one of the most legendary figures in the past hundred years, as well as one of the most recognisable Londoners out there. It’s no wonder then, that so many tourists flock to London to explore the history of this near-mythical figure. For those who are staying at the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International London, the central location of your hotel will give you the unique opportunity to reach many areas of the city with ease, giving you the chance to explore the unique sites that shaped Churchills life.

Churchill War Rooms

Located under Westminster, the War Rooms are one of the sites for the Imperial War Museums and act as one of the most in-depth dives into the strategic team behind the military manoeuvres of World War Two. Headed by Churchill, the labyrinthine bunkers and the personnel working there were constantly in contact with various military units across Europe, making high stakes decisions which would affect the course of the war. Using wax models and recreations of the technology they sued, the war rooms are one of the most vivid and oppressive depictions of the UK during war time.

St Paul’s Cathedral

This iconic cathedral is not only famous for being the funeral location for Churchill but is also well worth a visit for its own attributes. On the day of his funeral on February 1st, 1965, the streets of central London were lined with onlookers, as a magnificent military procession hauled Churchills coffin to St Pauls Cathedral. St Paul’s was an atmospheric and magnificent funeral stage for Churchill, and tourists can still explore its jaw dropping halls today.

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is a free to visit gallery on Trafalgar Square and is well known for holding masterful portraits, both photographic and painted, of many well-known figures from throughout history. Churchill is no exception, with plenty of depictions of him from throughout his life, including a photograph by Yousuf Karsh and a famous painting by Walter Sickert.

Harrow School

The second school of Churchill, this high-end private school has become ever more popular and famous for being the early educational ground for Churchill, from 1888 to 1892.


The astounding medieval hall in central London has a banquet hall housing busts of British heroes, one of which is of course, Churchill. If you’re ever lucky enough to get a look round the incredible Great Hall dating back to the 1440’s, have a look for Churchill, Nelson and Wellington.

28 Hyde Park Gate

28 Hyde Park Gate was the residence of Churchill in his days after being Prime Minister. It is here, in the grand house next to Hyde Park that Churchill passed away, and when passing on your way to Hyde Park, be sure to look out for the blue plaque commemorating him.

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