London’s most breath-taking monuments and Landmarks

London is probably one of the few popular cities across the globe that gives you the perfect blend of culture, people, places, food and more. Even today, London attracts and charms its visitors with its magnificent monuments and landmarks that narrate the glorious history of this city. The most beautiful part about visiting this city is that whether you are travelling for work or for a leisure holiday with friends and family, these lovely monuments, located in the heart of the city make a beautiful background of the city and can be spotted all around whilst you are out and about. 

The first thing to do when visiting any city and especially London is to book a hotel close to things and places you wish to explore. To explore some of the most impressive monuments of London city, you should look for hotels near Hyde Park. Located in the heart of the city, it is close to several popular monuments and provides easy access to commute to other parts of the city. Hyde Park accommodations are also great for food lovers as it is close to London’s finest restaurants, cafes and bars. Also, it’s a great location to pick for your stay to experience London’s nightlife. 

Here’s a compilation of some of the great London monuments that you must visit.

Marble Arch and Wellington Arch

London’s most popular and iconic arch is the Marble Arch- built in the 19th century, it is white marble-faced triumphal arch in London. Located close to the ever bustling Oxford street and Edgeware Road, it’s hard to miss this legendary monument while you are in London. It is almost a walkable distance away from Hyde Park International Hotel London

The Welling Arch on the other hand is located between Hyde Park and Green Park. 

Kensington Palace and Gardens

Another must-visit place is the residential home of the royals for over 300 years – Kensington Palace. It is the birthplace of Queen Victoria and is now occupied by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The late princess Diana also lived in this palace. The gardens and the state departments of the palace are open for public viewings. 

Albert Memorial and Royal Albert Hall

The Albert Memorial is an extremely ornate memorial to Prince Albert of Saxe-coburg. Here Albert is seated under a beautiful canopy of gold and glamour holding the catalogue of the Great Exhibition of 1851. For lovers of music, the Royal Albert Hall is the perfect place to be. You can choose  to attend a concert here or can simply explore the grandeur of this hall. 

The Wellington Museum- Apsley House

Bought by the first duke of Wellington after his victory at Waterloo, it stands alone on the south-east corner of Hyde Park. The House is now run by the English Heritage and is marvellous for lovers of art and exhibitions. Here you can explore various paintings, artworks and memorabilia of the first Duke. The 9th Duke still uses some of the building and it is the only preserved English aristocratic townhouse from this period in its original style and decor. 

So keep a lookout for special offers on London Hotels near Hyde Park and have a memorable stay in this magical city. 

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