Neighbourhood Features of Hyde Park

Located in the heart of London and covering an area of 350 acres, Hyde Park is the largest open space in the city. It was acquired by King Henry VIII who made it a deer park and his favourite hunting ground. It is now open to the public and features many attractions.

Points of Interest

Visitors and residents find Hyde Park to be a quiet retreat where they can relax on its lush green meadows. It also offers many options for indulging in leisure activities such as walking, jogging, having a picnic and swimming and boating in the Serpentine Lake that was built in 1730. The park also features the Hyde Park Riding Stables that has been the most famous equestrian centre in England for over 300 years. Visitors can indulge in horse riding and even learn this activity. The park is traditionally famous for being the venue where many mass demonstrations are held. Its Speakers’ Corner is where many eminent personalities of the world have expressed their views and on Sunday mornings the audience can debate with the speakers. It is a traditional forum for free speech.

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Arts & Culture

Kensington Gardens which is contiguous with Hyde Park presents the Serpentine Galleries that are two contemporary art galleries – the Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, located within five minutes walk of each other. They are linked by the bridge over the Serpentine Lake. Nearly 1.2 million people visit the exhibitions and appreciate the architecture, education and programmes offered by them. Admission to both the galleries is free.


Besides the Serpentine Gallery, the neighbourhood also presents the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Duke of Wellington Museum.

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Hyde Park is an ideal spot for kids’ entertainment as the Diana Princess of Wales Playground presents a full-scale pirate ship where children can climb. It is surrounded by sand where they can play. It also features slides, swings and an area for the disabled children. Even for the senior citizens, the first ever Pensioners’ Playground offers them a chance to flex their muscles and keep fit at a free outdoor gym. The kids can also play near the Peter Pan Statue.

Upcoming Events

Some of the upcoming events during this Summer are Barlclaycard presents British Summer Time in Hyde park on 5th July 2019, Flow Yoga on 15th July 2019, Discovery Day – Mission Invertebrate on 1st August 2019.


What is Hyde Park famous for?

Hyde Park is one of the Royal Parks in London and considered as the largest according to its area. Hyde Park is famous for its Speaker’s Corner in London. Once this park was the site for Great Exhibition held during 1852. Now, this park has become a place in London for mass gatherings and demonstrations.

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