Packing Tips For Your Trip to London

London’s effortlessly cool fashion is world famous. It’s also renowned for being adaptable to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions, as one minute it might be brilliant sunshine, and the next it could be steady showers.

What you pack for your trip can make or break your holiday, so it’s important you plan wisely. After all, you don’t want to be caught on the hottest day of the year in your thermals!

Depending on the length of stay will generally determine what you need, but we’ve put together some tips to help see you through any trip to London.

What should I pack for a trip to the UK?

Packing for the UK, in general, doesn’t have to be tough.

You just need to make a few smart decisions when it comes to things like layers and footwear. Make sure you have a jacket to see you through cooler evenings, trousers and waterproof shoes in case it rains, as well as an umbrella, or sun cream and sunglasses if you’re travelling in the spring or summer.

Now onto the fun bit… London! Which is becoming much more affordable to travel to, thanks to the best hotel deals London cropping up across the capital.

What should I bring to London?

Of course, it’s not all about fashion, and as well as clothing there are some general items you should bring on your exciting London vacation.

You’ll definitely want to bring a good quality camera to snap away at the sights from your Hyde Park hotel window to the arty streets of Shoreditch and everything in between. If you’re travelling from outside of the UK, don’t forget your UK adaptor plug else you’ll be stuck when it comes to plugging in your electronics and other appliances!

Whilst we’re lucky to not have many annoying critters here, if you’re heading to the big parks or a nature reserve for long walks, some light bug spray might help keep the harmless (but irritating) gnats at bay.

What should I pack for a 3-day trip?

Less is more when travelling for a short time, and hand luggage should provide plenty of room for a three-day trip.

You’ll most likely be able to get by for a short trip using apps on your phone to navigate the city, so you wouldn’t need to worry about taking bulky guide books and maps. A couple of outfits that you can transform easily from day wear to night wear should be enough, too. Keep toiletries to a minimum too, as most good hotels will provide luxurious little bottles in your room, or on request.

What should I pack for a week in London?

If you’re staying for an additional few days, it’s worth taking a suitcase so you can take extra supplies with you, and also so you can take home extra souvenirs of course!

Though it’s worth mentioning before you pack endless pairs of high heels that a lot of the classic London streets are paved with old fashioned cobbles, which are pretty to look at but are a nightmare to navigate in heels or slippery shoes. What’s more, they can turn into an ice rink when wet.

Instead, wedges or heeled boots are a good alternative if you want to stay comfy on your holiday but glam things up a bit for the evening.

What should I pack for 10 days in London?

10 days is a great amount of time to spend in London, as you’ll have a day in each of the exciting areas and boroughs.

Each borough is really different, offering a completely unique experience to its visitors.

What that being said, you may need things like wellies if you’re planning to trek round places like Regents Park, Victoria Park or Hyde Park (to name a few) but you’ll want to change into something else when exploring inner city areas and shopping districts like Covent Garden, Camden and Soho.

It might be a good idea to pack a ‘walking’ or ‘adventure’ outfit or two, and then a few more casual and smart casual outfits for the posher areas.

What should I pack for a two-week trip?

If you’re lucky enough to spend a two-week period in the capital, it can be tempting to just shove everything in your suitcase and hope for the best. But, it’s still a good idea to carefully plan what you’re going to take so you don’t fall short when it comes to getting ready.

British fashion is fairly classic, minimal and chic, so opt for capsule items like a good pair of jeans, a nice jumper, comfortable shoes and a smart jacket. This is the basis for a suitable British outfit for the daytime. For the evening, a smart shirt with trousers or dark jeans or a nice dress you can pair with boots or wedges is ideal.

In terms of colours, British fashion revolves around a lot of natural colours and shades, such as black, white, grey, and beige, with the odd pop of this season’s trendiest hue added in.

What I should wear sightseeing in London?

London has some of the best and most well-known things to see and do in the world. The sights are extremely varied, from wax work museums to public libraries, canals to royal parks, Big Ben to the London Eye. There truly is something for everyone.

There’s also something for every type of weather imaginable, so you should plan your outfit depending on the forecast and the type of activity you’re doing. If you know you’ll be outside for the bulk of the day in the summer, for example, be sure to take sunglasses, a hat and sun cream, and definitely something comfortable for your feet.

Is it safe to travel to London?


As with any major world city, it has its fair share of crime. But, if you take precautions and keep your wits about you, there’s no reason why you should find it more dangerous than any other big city.

Keep valuables out of sight, try to blend in with the locals as much as possible and don’t take any unnecessary risks and you should be absolutely fine.  Remember, your valuables – especially your passport – are safest locked up in your room, whether that’s your accommodation in Hyde Park or on your friend’s sofa. You’re best leaving this behind or taking a photocopy or photo on your phone of the important document. That way, if anything should happen to it, you’ll have a backup.

Police presence on the streets is generally strong and reassuring, which should help if you ever do find yourself in a tough situation.


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