Romance Isn’t Dead – Couples Fun In The City

London has been the setting for many of the best romantic comedies and dramas in the history of fiction. This is especially true of film, where London’s true visual majesty can be realised in vivid detail. Let’s be honest, you must see Notting Hill in the film Notting Hill to really feel the heat between Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. That being said, how does the romance of the make-believe London of the movies reflect on real city romance? With Valentine’s Day been and gone, there’s still a lot to glean from the capital when it comes to spending quality time with your loved one. Whether you live in London or are stopping by for a romantic weekend at the Shaftesbury Hyde Park Hotel, there’s plenty of hotspots to show your other half how much they mean to you.

A nice day for a walk in the park

Now that the worst of the cold is (hopefully) over, it’s time to explore the wide range of outdoor activities in London. London has a surprising number of green spaces and make for great expeditions for couples. If you look at the brilliant range of parks and nature reserves in the city, you’ll realise how spoilt for choice you are. If you live in the South East, then Greenwich Park and its glittering Cutty Sark and magnificent London skyline is the go-to, whilst in the North of London, the heady woodland reserves of Hampstead Heath give ample opportunity for pastures greener for you and your loved one. In the East you’ll find Epping Forest, rife with wild Deer, alongside the beautiful canal sides of Victoria Park. West will offer you the iconic Hyde Park and Primrose Hill, perfect for picnics and afternoon strolls.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Soho

If you’re looking for a bustling yet intimate setting for some evening drinks with your loved one, then look no further than Soho in the West End. With its bustling taverns and theatre bars, the music and drinks flow freely, neon signs for cabaret shows entice and you’ll feel closer to your other half, and not just because of the crowds!

Watch the sunset from the Emirates Air Line

Although built as part of the East London Dockland area commute, this cable cart ride which runs from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Victoria Docks. Stretching a kilometre over the Thames, this five to ten-minute ride gives stunning views over London and allows you access several little visited parts of the city where you can find a wide range of hidden gems in pubs, bars and great riverside views.

A lazy Sunday at the Columbia Road Flower Market

North-East London is an ideal locale for a lazy Sunday with a loved one. Here you will find the allure of Hackney, London Fields and the nearby canals to be a great spot for some boutique moseying and a drink in one of the many great taverns in the area. What’s more, the nearby Columbia Road, iconic in and of itself due to its quaint character, is also home to a Sunday Flower Market. Here, those making the most London Hotel Special offers will come face to face with traditional flower sellers, bringing a range of exotic and local British plants to the public at great value prices. Treat a loved one to a rose this month, and it won’t matter if you forgot about Valentine’s Day!

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