Why You Should Take A Trip To Bayswater

Bayswater is an ideal place for you to visit this coming season in London. Not only is it filled with the largest number of hotels in London, but it’s also beautifully located close by to Hyde Park and Kensington Palace.

On top of that, it has a community spirit that’s perhaps missing a little further into central London. We all want to be in the thick of the action when we go on holiday, but being too close to the noise might mean that you don’t get some peace during your holiday.

Worse yet, it might mean that you based your explorations solely around once principle area during your visit. But staying in Bayswater perhaps gives you an inclination to discover other nearby areas, which are a little further away from central London. Notting Hill, one of the most famous settings in the city, is just a few miles away.

With a stay at the hotel in Bayswater London, you can explore the numerous family attractions in the heart of the city, with ease. The Shaftesbury Hyde Park International Hotel London has built a reputation over the last decade for bringing top notch hospitality and incredible suites, at a fantastic value price.

Historically speaking Bayswater was named after a local spring which belonged to a family that occupied the land under William the Conqueror. With the elegant Georgian architecture, those who live here tend to be happy with their location and everything it provides. With excellent transport links, close vicinity to Oxford Circus; you might find Bayswater is the ideal place of choice for your stay in the capital.

Here you’ll find plenty of garden squares, charming restaurants and much more. Kensington Palace is a royal residence nestled right in the heart of the Kensington Gardens. You can book your reservation for a visit there online, and there are some exhibitions, and during this Easter, for instance, there’s an egg hunt taking place at the gardens nearby – perfect for a family outing with your kids. Book your stay at the Shaftesbury to learn more.

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