London spans a whopping 1000 square miles and has firmly cemented itself as one of the most historic and diverse cities in the world.

With 32 boroughs, London can often feel overwhelming and hard to scratch the surface of. Even on the most fleeting of visits, this certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get a good sense of the city and the electric atmosphere it radiates.

We’ve compiled a few great ways to get to know London without resorting to the age-old tourist traps. Whether you’re here for a day or staying at the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International for an extended period, these top tips will help you eat, party and most importantly, explore like a Londoner.

Eating in London

One of the best ways to experience a city is by eating the cuisine at its heart.

London is well-known for its thriving pub scene, and with a whole host of great menus dedicated to hearty British pub grub, you’ll find plenty of comforting roast dinners and diverse burger menus scattered throughout almost every borough in the city. You’ll never be far from a traditional English Public House, whatever area you’re staying in.

Brick Lane

That being said, a holiday’s worth of roast dinners is a lot to take, even for the richest of tastes. A great way to diversify your culinary capital adventure is to sample what makes any given borough so famous.

For East London’s Shoreditch and White chapel area, for instance, it’s a heady mix of Indian and Jewish foods. With bagel shops abound, you’ll find a quick pick-me-up for great value prices all along Brick Lane, as well as a vibrant mix of Curry Houses.

With both a Bangladeshi and Jewish community having resided in Shoreditch since the Victorian era, East London’s winding lanes have been cemented as a hotspot for after work office dining and fun, informal nights out.

Borough Market

London’s market culture is one of the most celebrated aspects of the city. Head down to London Bridge to get a taste of the international cuisines on display. Whether it’s fishmongers or Levantine-inspired dishes, you’ll find a true taste of the world in the heart of London.

Afternoon Tea

For light refreshments and a relaxing afternoon, Hyde Park London Accommodation also offers up incredible afternoon tea options. With both British and Indian-inspired snacks and teas, this is a quintessentially British way to sample a sip of English hospitality.

To sample the city’s views without long queues is easier than you may think.

Best views in the city

To get an idea of the city’s awe-inspiring size, give Greenwich Park in East London a visit. From here you’ll be able to see some of the best views of the cityscape, whilst also ticking off sightseeing attractions such as Greenwich Observatory and the Cutty Sark off your city break list.

To save time, you’re best off staying in Central London. Fortunately, with so many London hotels special offers, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to put your head down in the heart of the city.

Royal Parks

Breathe in the fresh air of London’s Royal Parks and get to know the secret expanses of green in the city. From Richmond Park to Kensington Gardens, there are acres upon acres of historic intrigue throughout the city.

Travelling the Thames

One of the best ways to get to know London is simply by walking the banks of the River Thames. From the entertainment hub of the South Bank to the iconic Tower Bridge, simply walking along the banks will take you past some of the best museums, attractions and monuments in the city.

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