Tips and Tricks for a London Visit On A Budget

London is a fantastic city to explore, but taking any trip often involves setting money aside so that you can have a good time during your stay. Over time, visiting a new major city can become quite costly, but the great advantage of London is that it can be a very budget-friendly place to head to.

With careful planning and forethought, it’s possible to have a fantastic time out in London without spending a fortune, or feeling as if you’ve had to compromise on having fun. Look out for some of the best hotel deals London for an affordable stay, and start planning a great time in the capital.

Travel for less by avoiding peak times

One of the most important things you’ll need to budget for in London is travel. Luckily, as there is such a comprehensive public transport system in the city, you do not need to rely on expensive car hire or private taxis, as you might have to in other cities. With great accommodation such as the Hyde Park International Hotel London located in convenient, central locations, it’s possible to see many of the city’s top attractions without having to travel very far.

While the Underground and bus systems are easy and efficient to use, there is a difference in fares between peak and off-peak times. If you’re trying to save money and stay on budget, then it’s a good idea to try to avoid travelling during peak periods as much as possible.

That means fares are higher during peak times on Monday to Friday, in the mornings between 6.30am to 9.30am, and in the evenings between 4.00pm to 7.00pm. As these are typically the busiest times for London’s commuters, avoiding travelling at these times will also help you stay clear of busy, overcrowded train carriages, and ensure a more pleasant and calmer ride.

Outside of those times, at weekends and Bank Holidays, travel fares on public transport is charged at a lower, off-peak rate, making it much more affordable to get around easily.

Plan your visit to minimise travel

If you’re spending a few days in the city with some great value London weekend packages, then it’s worth planning out what to do on each day ahead of time, to avoid spending extra on travel wherever possible. By organising your sightseeing so that you can stay within one area on each day, you will not only spend less on travel, but you’ll also get to see much more of the city by saving time.

Many of London’s central neighbourhoods have a variety of attractions close together, making it easy to do this. If you’re planning a day out exploring the city’s many museums for instance, then heading down to South Kensington and taking time to explore each major museum here is a great way to do it.

It’s also worth investing in a good street map, or having a downloadable map on your phone for access. London is a great city for walking in, and there are some lovely walking routes through the central part of the city, such as along the River Thames or by its canals, which can provide a free and fun way of exploring.

Check out the many free things on offer

Unlike many major cities in the world, London has a huge variety of things you can do for free, including visiting many of its top attractions and institutions. While many of the city’s main museums and galleries have special exhibitions on that are chargeable, they will also usually have a main free area, that you can visit without paying.

These can be a great way of making the most of your best hotel deals London, and help you save while still having a fantastic time. London’s galleries are also a great place to relax and explore when the weather is a little less pleasant, and will always provide something exciting to see.

As well as the major galleries and other institutions, you can also check out many other free events and activities that take place throughout the year, such as major festivals, celebrations, parades and more. It’s worth checking the calendar before your visit to see what’s on around the city.

Head to the Royal Parks

London is a fantastic green city, with several parks and Royal Parks throughout the capital. Aside from any private spaces dedicated to residents, these are generally free to enter and use, and provide a wonderful place to explore, relax or take part in a variety of recreational activities.

Close to the Hyde Park International Hotel London, you’ll find the fantastic Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, both of which are filled with history, interesting monuments and plenty of space to walk and relax in. Elsewhere, you’ll find other great activities you can take part, such as swimming at the Serpentine, taking a hike across Hampstead Heath, or getting involved in fun nature activities in Greenwich Park.

Book ahead for any paid activities

Of course, when visiting London, it’s worth trying out some of the special activities on offer too, such as visiting a great West End show, or checking out a special art exhibition. It’s still possible to do these things and saving on your budget however, with some careful planning.

Many of London’s theatres and venues will often offer discounted tickets at much lower prices, either with special promotions or offers on different seats. If you’re hoping to catch a performance when you visit, it’s worth looking ahead of time to get a great deal on ticket prices.

Even if you can’t book months ahead, many places will often offer a lower price when booking online, such as for special bus tours or cruises. Again, some planning ahead of time can help you save a little extra. If you’re planning to visit a lot of sights, you may even want to invest in a city pass card, which often includes discounts across attractions.

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