Top Tips for Making Your Hotel Feel Like Home

When you spend a lot of time in hotels, it can soon start to feel a little wearying, especially if you’ve had a long stint on the road. But staying in a hotel room doesn’t need to mean resigning yourself to a generic or unwelcoming space.

With a few simple tricks, it’s easy to make your hotel room feel as welcoming and warmly inviting as a real home. Check out some of the best hotel deals London to help you start planning a trip to the city, and read on to find out how to have a charming and comfortable home-like stay.

Unpack your suitcase as quickly as possible

Getting to your hotel might have taken a while, especially if you’ve had to go through some lengthy long-haul flights, complicated transfers or train journeys on the way. If you’re staying in Hyde Park accommodationit might also mean some extra travel time to get into the centre of London from the airport or train station. And after all that exhausting travelling, the last thing you want to do when you get to a hotel room is deal with unpacking.

However, it can actually be one of the best ways to make a space feel homely and inviting, so it’s well worth putting off the nap or adventures, to take a little while to unpack carefully.

Make sure you hang and fold clothes away using any storage provided – at the Hyde Park Hotel, you’ll find plenty of practical amenities to help you store things comfortably and safely. If you’ve brought books, computer equipment or other electronic items, set them up with their relevant chargers to make using them as practical as possible. Lastly, try to keep your luggage tucked away neatly so that it isn’t in your way. 

Add a few personal touches to any space 

Whether you’re travelling into London for a few days or planning a longer stay, it’s worth planning ahead to bring a few personal items into a space. While you’ll find some stylish Hyde Park accommodation to choose from, having a couple of small but meaningful pieces can make a huge difference in how a place feels.

If you’re worried about missing loved ones while you’re away, a framed photo or two can be a great way of making a space feel more personal. Alternatively, having a favourite throw or blanket to get snug in is a great way of bringing comfort and familiarity to a hotel room. For some travellers, it might simply mean bringing in your own coffee maker or hairdryer, to make the stay feel stress-free and enjoyable.

Bring in some fresh air 

Even the cleanest of hotel spaces can feel a little stuffy and stifling when you first step into a room, especially when they’ve been freshly cleaned for your stay. To help a room feel more comfortable, you might want to open up a window or turn on a fan, to improve air circulation and bring a little freshness in.

Alternatively, try bringing a travel-size air diffuser for your room, with a favourite and familiar scent. While lit candles can often be an issue as a fire hazard, an air diffuser or plug-in option can be a great way of bringing in a refreshing aroma into your space, and may also help you feel much more at ease.

Turn down the volume

Staying in a busy city like London can often mean dealing with a noisy and chaotic environment, both outside your hotel, and even inside it. When you’re looking for the best hotel deals Londonit’s also always a good idea to look up the location, to make sure you won’t have to deal with excessive amounts of traffic noises during your stay.

It’s still possible to take control of your hotel room environment and create a quieter and calmer space. A travel white noise machine can be a useful way of bringing in a soothing, calming tone and reducing the impact of background noise around you.

You might also like to pack a pair of earplugs for the night, to ensure you can enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep.

 Load up on your favourite books and movies 

While most hotels will have an extensive choice of channels to choose from, you’re often left stuck with local choices that might not be particularly interesting or entertaining. To avoid the inevitable boredom and frustration, plan ahead by downloading some of your favourite movies, TV shows and books onto a tablet or e-reader.

This is a great tip when you’re on the move with younger travellers in particular – having a much-loved movie on hand is the perfect way to ease any stressful travel tantrums. 

Pack some comfort food for the stay

Trying out delicious local food and snacks is part of the fun of visiting a new city, but sometimes only your favourite comfort foods can really hit the spot. While you don’t need or necessarily want to be packing an extensive amount of bulky food for your journey, a few favourite treats can make a big difference when you’re travelling.

You might want to include a few bags of your favourite tea to help you unwind after a long day of travelling, or a couple of travel-friendly snacks to enjoy once you’ve arrived.

Invest in your favourite loungewear

Though we often pack plenty of outfit options for exploring and having adventures in, loungewear is usually overlooked in the suitcase. But a few items of your favourite loungewear can instantly make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease, wherever you are.

This might mean treating yourself to some luxurious nightwear to ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep. Alternatively, you may also want to include a favourite pair of slippers, or a cosy oversized sweatshirt to relax in, after a busy day out. And if you’re feeling extra indulgent, opt for cashmere or silk, for the ultimate in comfort.

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