Travel London Like Never Before

London is an iconic city, with plenty of world-famous landmarks that are known around the globe. While it’s always exciting to see something you’ve seen in images in the flesh, there is much more to see in the capital beyond the standard tourist shots and highlights.

For a new and fresh experience of London, it’s worth delving deeper into some of its lesser-known treasures, and to reward yourself with a memorable experience of the city. Check out the exceptional offers at the Hyde Park International Member of Park Grand London and read on to help you start planning a trip to London in a whole new light.

Swap the busy shopping centres for London’s markets

If you’re a shopaholic who loves to find great deals or rare and unusual items to take home, then a good browse of London’s many markets will undoubtedly provide a much more rewarding experience than the many shopping districts of central London. While it’s great to check out the world’s many top brands and boutiques around popular areas such as Oxford Street or Bond Street, there’s also a more unique appeal to having a good rummage on a market stall, or bargaining for a better deal.

Close to your accommodation in Bayswater, you’ll find the iconic Portobello Road market in Notting Hill, which runs throughout the week and sells a variety of goods, from fresh food and produce, vintage clothing, antiques and collectables, and a variety of household items as well as more unusual pieces. While you can never know what kind of treasures you might come away with, it’s always a great place to visit, with plenty of stalls to explore.

Further afield in East London, weekends see the Brick Lane market, as well as others, such as the Columbia Road Flower Market and more. Check out some of the best London weekend packages to take advantage of London’s excellent weekend markets, where you’ll find delicious artisanal foods, beautiful fresh flowers and plants, stunning fashion from independent designers and all kinds of other items that you’re unlikely to encounter anywhere else.

Visit some of the city’s more unusual museums

If you’re staying in accommodation in Bayswater, then you’ll be close to much of the famous heritage and history of the city, with major attractions such as Kensington Palace in easy proximity. While the capital’s most well known museums and attractions are a great place to visit, there are also a number of more unusual sights that are worth adding to your itinerary, if you’re looking for a more unique experience of London.

For those who are fan of the great detective, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is always a memorable place to visit. Located at the famous address on Baker Street, you can step back in time through its doors, and see how the faithful Mrs Hudson would have maintained the detective’s home.

Another unique sight to see is the Daniel Severs’ House, located on Folgate Street. This enchanting and exceptional space documents an intimate portrait of a London family through the ages, taking all of your senses through different eras in time with different rooms expertly crafted to reflect a particular point in history. With meticulous attention to detail, the experience of visiting the house is like stepping into a stunning painting, seeing the world change around you with every room.

For those with an interest in science and anatomy, you might want to check out the captivating attraction that is Body Worlds. Located in Piccadilly, the renowned exhibition of real human bodies might not be for the squeamish, but will certainly provide a memorable and insightful sight about how our bodies work. With plenty of great London weekend packages to choose from, you can take the time to enjoy the city’s diverse cultural attractions, and head off the beaten path.

Swap the Tube for a bike

While the London Underground certainly provides a fast and efficient way of getting around the city with ease, it can also be quite fun to stay above ground, and find a new way of getting around. By swapping the train for a bike, walking or even a bus, you might just get to see a new side of London, at a slower and more detailed pace.

If you’re planning to cycle around London, be sure to familiarise yourself with practical safety about using a bike in the city. While many areas in London have dedicated cycle paths and lanes, it’s always a good idea to wear protective gear to help keep you safe.

Check out London’s hidden treasures

You’ll find beautiful and stunning sights all across the city, but beyond the popular landmarks, there are also many more unique attractions to uncover. Head back in time to explore London’s Roman roots, by taking a fascinating walking tour to explore the remains of the Roman Wall, or visit the Temple of Mithras remains that were found underground. Afterwards, have a wander around the Museum of London which can provide a more detailed account of the city’s historic origins.

As well as surprising Roman ruins, you’ll also find more contemporary hidden treasures to visit. Close to Paddington, it’s worth taking a walk to Little Venice, the charming neighbourhood around the nearby canal, which is filled with greenery, plants and trees, as well as beautiful architecture, colourful boats and quaint cafés. Nicknamed Little Venice due to the possible resemblance to the famous Italian city and its canals, this area provides the perfect bit of peace and quiet, moments from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

It’s also worth heading out a little further afield to explore some lesser-known attractions. Over in Walthamstow, you’ll find the legendary café called God’s Own Junkyard, which features a colourful and eye-catching collection of vintage neon signs, making the perfect backdrop for a unique photo of your London experience, while on the opposite side of the city, Brixton market shows off its diversity of music and modern culture.

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